On Ocotober 29 - November 4 Festival "Troubadour" gathers the best private theaters for children on the stage of The Center of Ryumina.

At the origins of the modern theater were small troupes of wandering actors. They traveled to different cities and villages with their performances, which combined live music, puppet theater, clowning and funny dramatic scenes. In Europe these actors are called jugglers, bards, the minnesingers, the troubadours and truvery. Over time, the theater developed, there were large theater buildings, huge theater troupes, in modern Russia, the theater became a "state property", but small wandering theaters continue to live their bright interesting life.

Most of the small private theaters work for kids. Coming to such a theater with the child you see the theater at arm's length, the artists never hide behind the "Fourth wall", but constantly exist in contact with young spectators. After the performance, you can go on stage to take a picture and see how everything works. The artists will not leave and will gladly reveal their theatrical secrets to you. In the repertoire of private theaters you can find names that you will not find anywhere else: from ancient and authentic folklore to modern literature for children.

The objective of the festival "Troubadour" is to acquaint Moscovites with the best works of private theater groups. Participants of the festival are selected by the expert council, and performances are evaluated by a jury consisting of theater critics, producers and leading professionals in the field of theater for children. See you at the Troubadour!

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