Lyudmila Rumina's Moscow Cultural folkore centre

Moscow Cultural Folklore Centre, main entrance.

Moscow, Barklaya Street, 9

metro Bagrationovskaya


Ticket office: +7 (499) 730-79-71

Operating time: с 11-00 до 19-00


Sergey Nechaenko  +7(499)730-79-91

Chief administrator

Marina Abrashova +7(499)730-79-95

Deputy Director for General Affairs

Anna Zilina +7 (499)730-79-72

Deputy Director for work with the audience

Eduard Aslanov +7(499)730-79-72

Head of planning and economic Department

Sergey Marchenko +7(499)730-79-65

Personnel department

Elena Akimova +7 (499)730-79-73

The entrance to the theater building is equipped with a ramp, an Elevator for wheelchair access. In the halls there are places for spectators in wheelchairs. Own Parking for 30 cars.