Small hall

Малый зал

Number of seats in the Small hall: 123

Малая сцена


The screen size of the Small hall: 3m x 5m.


Stage width: 12 m. Stage depth: 6.5 m. The stage is equipped with its own piano "Steinway". The technical equipment of the scene: Straps - 3 pieces (8 metres each).

The main curtain

Sliding electric road (3 pieces.): in Front of the 1st plan of the side scene - 1pieces. Behind the 2nd plan of the side scene - 1pieces. On the back - 1pieces. Electric winches - 9 pieces. Light smoke smoke machine - 2 pcs. Heavy smoke smoke machine - 1 pieces.


Video projector EIKI LC-XT4. Supported formats: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i. Luminous flux: 12000 lumens. Supported broadcasting system: PAL, SECAM, NTSC, interface: USB (type B), RS-232, SDI. Outputs: audio mini jack, RCA audio output. Inputs: VGA, DVI, RGB (BNC), S-Video, mini jack audio, RCA x4 audio, coaxial audio output.


The sound amplification system of the rehearsal room is also based on the equipment of D&B audiotechnik. Total amplifier power - 8 kW. Placement of acoustic systems is carried out in the 2.1 format with additional voice acting of the first rows of the stalls. Up to 4 independent monitor lines can be used for the stage sound, individual adjustment of the frequency response of the three-band portal system LR can be performed using 1/3 octave equalizers ARX. Connection of up to 16 microphones on the stage is provided in 4 hatches, two of which are located in the foreground and two in the back of the stage.

Available speakers: F-1222 - 2 pieces. - two-way portal speakers. B1-Sub - 2 pieces - low-frequency portal speakers. E-0 - 4 pieces - two-way speakers of the first rows of the first row. Max-6 pieces - two-way loudspeakers for stage sound. Soundcraft MH-2 remote control for 24 inputs is located at the back of the hall in a separate room with opening Windows. Next to the remote there are 2 racks with sound carriers and sound processing: Tascam MD-350 minidisk recorder - 2 pieces. Maranz CD player - 2 pieces. Lexicon PCM-91, multi - effect, processor - 1 pieces. TC Electronic, D - TWO multi-effect processor - 1 pieces. TC Electronic M-ONE multi-effect processor - 1 pieces.