Vocal-choreographic ensemble "RUSY"

Choreographer Nikolai Erokhin

The vocal ensemble "Rusy" is a musical group created in 2008 on the basis of MFC under the direction Of L. Ryumina from artists – vocalists and musicians of an orchestra. Thanks to the possession of a variety of manners of vocal performance, the repertoire of the ensemble contains vocal works of different directions: folklore of different regions of Russia, folk-academic works, spiritual chants, retro and pop songs with elements of jazz. Most of the works have the original treatment and arrangement created by the male group of the ensemble.

Балетмейстер - Николай Ерохин

The team boldly experiments with the sound that creates unique style and implements the creative potential of the musicians in the band. The ensemble performs consistently at its concert hall and other concert stages of Moscow: Red square, the Kremlin Palace of congresses, GCCs Russia, etc.; in different cities of Russia: Sochi "Winter Olympics 2014", Makhachkala, "the Days of culture of Moscow, in Dagestan, 2015", Saransk "the 1000th anniversary of unification Mordovia with Russia," Nizhny Novgorod "400 years of the people's militia", and targetmasters, Bryansk, Sarov, polar, bol'shoye Boldino, Kondopoga; also abroad: South Korea, Seoul, international festival "Friendship fair 2009", Germany, Berlin" IV Russian-German festival 2010", Moldova, Tiraspol, festival" Martisor", Belarus, Vitebsk XXII international music festival"Slavic Bazaar-2013". Shooting on television: TV channels "SPAS", "a minor", channel I, TVC and others.

The vocal group "Rusa" is a reliable and stable line-up of musicians who have been working together for more than ten years. The team is constantly in creative search, regular rehearsals and work in the Studio gradually give rise to a new progressive sound. Incendiary music and lyrics, energy of the team and high professionalism are the main qualities that distinguish this team and will not leave indifferent even the most demanding audience!

The unique professional dance group created in 2008 on the basis of the Moscow cultural folklore Center p/R L. Ryumina which performances are built on traditional Russian song and music creativity. Over the years, the team has created a large concert repertoire, which includes not only folk dances, but also samples of classical heritage, modern choreography.

Ансамбль - Русы

The programs of the group at each concert create a unique, colorful atmosphere of the holiday, infect with their bright emotionality and energy, and unique costumes created in the workshops of the folklore center immerse the viewer into the world of beauty and aesthetics.

Geography of the band's tours-Germany, England, Republic of Korea, Croatia, cities of Russia and near abroad. The ensemble took part in the Slavianski Bazaar (Vitebsk), the cultural program of the XXII Olympic winter games and XI Pairs of the Olympic winter games 2014 in Sochi. Frequent guest of festive concerts in the Kremlin And concert hall "Russia". TV recordings.