State budgetary institution of culture of Moscow

"Moscow cultural folklore center under the leadership of Lyudmila Ryumina"

Moscow cultural Folklore center under the leadership of Lyudmila Ryumina was established on June 4, 1999 in the building of the former cinema "Ukraine". Before the opening, a lot of work was done on the reconstruction of the cinema building to the Folklore center from the facade to the interior of the hall, to create a favorable atmosphere and transmit high-quality live sound.

Theatre of L.Ryumina

After the overhaul, the theater opened its doors to the audience.

Folklore center carries out work aimed at the revival and development of folk singing, dance, music and applied arts on a professional basis, in order to develop national culture, to meet the needs of the population in the performing arts. This is one of the few places where you can join the folk art.

By the forces of the creative team of the Folklore center, the ensemble "Rusa", a show of performances and theatrical programs, recitals, festivals, competitions, charity programs were initiated and held. The composition of the vocal and choreographic ensemble "Rusa" includes: vocal, choreographic groups and orchestra of folk instruments, which play theatrical performances together on stage. Concert programs are created by various Russian holidays: the cosmonautics Day, Easter, Victory Day, the Day of Slavonic Literature, the Day of Russia, etc. Children's performances are based on Russian folk tales. In theatrical performances songs of the great Patriotic war, romances, Russian, author's songs, songs of different nationalities are performed, which glorifies and is famous for the history of our state, spiritual development and unity of the people. The folklore center is a unique property where the beauty of Russian folk art is preserved and the public gets acquainted with the traditional culture of the peoples of multinational Russia.

Theatre of L.Ryumina. Lobby.

The folklore center holds concerts of professional folk groups, holding multinational festivals, teaching the younger generation the traditions of Russian culture, preservation of samples of song and folklore creativity of the regions of Russia. Carrying out more large-scale and high-quality work to promote folk art and Patriotic education of the population, children and youth in the spirit of love for the Motherland, to promote closer unity of the peoples of Russia. To strengthen the activity in the preservation of the common cultural space, the development of inter-ethnic, inter-regional and inter-state cultural relations.

Theatre of L.Ryumina. Big hall

On the basis of the Folklore center, a children's Studio "Young Russ" was created, where the creative team of the ensemble "Russ" conducts a master class in choreography and vocals. In the children's Studio "Young Russ" involved 230 children aged 3 to 16 years. The educational program for children is based on the transmission of traditional song and dance culture from generation to generation. In the classroom, children learn about the history of traditional culture, dance and music folklore, arts and crafts, song and oral art, which allows children and young people to form a sense of pride, patriotism and love for their Homeland.

The Creator, the first artistic Director and the main Director of the center from 1999 to 2017 was the People's artist of the RSFSR Lyudmila Georgievna Ryumina (1949-2017). For her active work, she was awarded many awards and honorary titles, including: Laureate of the Moscow Government prize, Holder of orders: Honor of the Russian Federation and "For services to the Fatherland" IV degree, Laureate of the State prize of the Central Federal District. In 2014, Lyudmila Georgievna Ryumina was awarded the Order of Friendship for special services in strengthening peace, cooperation and mutual understanding between peoples.


In 2017 Lyudmila Georgievna Ryumina departed this life.

The new Director of the theater was Sergey Viktorovich Nechaenko. Under his leadership, the theater released new concert programs, a strategy for the development of the site was developed. The theatre retains its educational, creative and educational mission to promote traditional Russian culture. In addition, the repertoire of the theater has new concert programs for children and adults, dramatic performances and joint projects with other theater and concert venues in Moscow.

Nechaenko S.V.

In 2018, the theater Lyudmila Ryumina Director Nikolai Erokhin was released the program "Russian seasons" on the big stage, with the participation of the entire creative team of the theater.

Also Nikolai Erokhin, as a director, released a new program "Fun fair" on the small stage with the participation of vocal and choreographic ensemble "Russ".

On November 30 at the theater premiered the program "With love for Russia" with the participation of the entire creative team of the theater (Director: Nikolai Erokhin).

The theater has a new program for March 8 "In the rhythms of spring" on the big stage, with the participation of the orchestra of the theater "Masters of Russia". The vocal ensemble "Rusa" has created new concert programs "Sing to You from the heart" and "eh, Maslenitsa".

With the participation of vocal-choreographic ensemble "Rus", orchestra "Russian Masters", choreographic ensemble "Young Rus", guest artists (such as Vladar; N. Baranowski; people's artist of Russia N. Krygina; people's artist of Russia Vladimir Devyatov, I. Sukhanova, etc.) was held the concert of memory of Lyudmila Ryumina "Flying over Russia" on 29 September, directed by Anna Zhilina.

Also was released children's Christmas tale "Ivan Tsarevich and the gray wolf" (Director: Anna Zhilina, author: Nikolai Erokhin).